Open marketplace in Addis Ababa – archive pictures from 1930

After Addis Ababa become the capital city of Ethiopia in 1886, traders stated to march to the city as far as the Arabians for trade activities. People from all corners of the country used to go to these market places to buy and sell products. Foreign products in particular were a showcase in Addis.

  Open marketplace2 Open marketplace4 Open marketplace3

These pictures were taken in 1930. On the pictures one can see that people are trading in the street, largely by exchange of commodities. Several stalls are visible in the busy street, where numerous people mill about, many carrying parasols to protect against the sun. People are seen riding a donkey, and another carries a bundle of sticks. In the background are several two-story buildings with balconies and a long, single-story building with a metal roof. Now this place is named Mercato, the largest open-air market in Africa.

አስተያየትዎን እዚህ ይስጡ

የኢሜል አድራሻዎ አይወጣም