የታህሳስ ግርግር 1953

The chaos of December’s 57th Anniversary.

57 years have come and gone since that fateful day of December 13, 1960, when two widely recognized brothers named General Mengistu and Ato Germamey Neway staged a bloody but a failed coup to overthrow the kingdom of Emperor H/Selassie, while he was over Brazil for a work-related tour.

In fact, the attached image is indicating the main collaborator General Mengistu Neway sitting at first left and his younger brother who was the main organizer of the unsuccessful coup, Ato Germamey Neway is seen standing first left with a cigarette.

So today, I am here look back at this historic moment along with those who were involved in this short-lived but a bloody uprising which occurred 57 years ago today, when my own mother was a second-grader living in ግንፍሌ.

I hope those of you who are interested in our history will join me as usual to remember this day.

አስተያየትዎን እዚህ ይስጡ

የኢሜል አድራሻዎ አይወጣም