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    jamoki commented on November 16, 2016 Reply

    ..An admirable oral rendition of a grim chapter,a heroic time,a tragic phase, in an ancient nation’s bloody history in a brutal prison. A portrait of the diverse melange of incarcerated human beings of a multi-ethnic Ethiopian society. An amazing memory recall of facts,escapades and realities during dark times. A portrait of courageous responses to an artistic call, and its sacrificial demands in a constricting dangerous situation-[ krancha kurubi drama group ] .And to crown it all;- all these from someone who daringly translated an epic novel ”gone with the wind” on pieces of cigarette pack foils, while under the very same brutal regim’s confinements.
    One can only be delighted imagining how much moral courage,spiritual beacon and inspiration Nebiy Mekonen has offered to those desperate fellow prison-mates and x-compatriots. .

    It is time that some competent abled soul should do a translation of this unsung epic about our sad brutal chapter from the past,and introduce it to the wider glob at large. Which I have no doubt should happen sooner.

    Regards and respect to Nebiy Mekonen.!


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      jamoki commented on November 17, 2016 Reply

      The above commentary by jamoki, is mainly in response to Nebiy Mekonen’s wity and insightful ,10 part sheger FM radio interview with Meaza Biru.

      Again with best regards


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